A completely flat floor can be created through formation of coupling, which can be used for many purposes. In addition, this is provided with an anti-wear layer. All our pontoons are tested during production for measuring and fitting, therewith we give 100% guarantee for the coupling system.

Certified pontoons

The pontoons can be delivered certified, in accordance with Directive EU2006/87.

4 mm thick steel

The NATO pontoons are produced from 4 mm thick steel. Note: old pontoons of 2.5 mm thick steel will be rejected!

Strong slatted floor

Europontoons NATO pontoons are the only manufacturer to have the original slatted floor. This is where the big difference lies with other providers. Due to this strong floor, the pontoon remains “in shape” and the pontoon does not deform.

Equipped with spoon holes

The Europontoons pontoons have unique spoon holes with which you can easily load and unload them with a forklift truck.

CE marked according to EU directives

Your ordered pontoons comply with the European directives that apply to a CE mark or mark. The CE mark or CE mark indicates that our pontoons meet the legal requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment.
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100% connectable

100% connectable with all NATO pontoons, by means of pins and half moons. We can supply a cover strip for the connectors so that they cannot come loose due to wave action. Unique is that our pontoons can be guaranteed to be connected to other pontoons; army pontoons, engineering pontoons and nato pontoons.

Own production

Europontoons has a modern factory. The 4mm thick steel for the pontoons is cut by computer control and the experienced employees have access to an extensive machine park with modern welding equipment.

Pontoons in any desired color

We can deliver the pontoons in any desired RAL color, so you can give your own identity to the pontoons. Do you have more wishes? Let us know and we will look for a solution together with you!

High residual value

Coupling pontoons from Europontoons have a high residual value. If you wish, we can offer you a buyback arrangement with a pre-guaranteed price.