A completely flat floor can be created through formation of coupling, which can be used for many purposes. In addition, this is provided with an anti-wear layer. All our pontoons are tested during production for measuring and fitting, therewith we give 100% guarantee for the coupling system.


The coupling pontoons Euro Pontoons are all easily connectable via pins and half moon attachments. We can also supply a cover strip for the couplers so that it can’t be come loose by wave action. The unique feature of our pontoons is that they, guaranteed, are linkable to other pontoons; army pontoons, engineering pontoons and Nato pontoons.

Koppelbaar met oude legerpontons


Forklift holes: unique in Europe!

The pontoons of Euro Pontoons have unique forklift holes, they can be easily loaded and unloaded with a forklift. If the forklift holes aren’t needed or wanted, we can manufacture the pontoons without the holder holes.


We manufacture

Europontoons has their own modern factory. The cutting of the 4mm thick steal for the pontoons is computer-controlled en our experienced employees have access to an extensive range of machinery with modern welding equipment.

Ponton fabriek

Our manufacturing process

  • Radiate
  • Coating inside and outside in a 2-component system
  • Grid floor for heavy use
  • Partitions
  • Final pressing
  • 100% waterproof and airtight


Slatted floor

Our coupling pontoons have a heavy slatted floor, which creates an extra strong workplace.


Choice of color

We can supply the pontoons from an order of 9 pieces in any RAL color, so you can add your own identity to the pontoons. And if you have other or more wishes, let us know and we will work with you to find a solution!

pontons kleur naar keuze

Custom made

Because Europontoons has the manufacturing process in-house, we can provide customized pontoons and attachments. Whatever your wishes are, we will work with you to find a solution! Some examples are:

  • Manufacturing of pontoons with special dimensions
  • Pontoons made from thicker steel
  • Anchoring for machines onto the pontoon
  • Pontoons equipped with Anti Fouling at the bottom

maatwerk ponton

Easily stackable

Since the pontoons have been provided with forklift holes, they can be easily stacked with a fork-lift truck. And this means you need less storage space and save costs.

Pontons makkelijk stapelbaar

High resale value

The coupling pontoons of Europontoons have a high resale value. If you wish, we offer a buy-back settlement with in advanced a guaranteed price.

Restwaarde ponton

Proven quality

Euro Pontoons has the manufacturing in-house and has hundreds of pontoons delivered throughout Europe. Through years of experience and numerous references, you are assured of a quality product.

Pontons bewezen kwaliteit

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Europontoons provides 3 types of coupling pontoons; middle pontoons, bow pontoon and large pontoon. We also supply coupling pins, half moon attachments and accessories like spud leg systems and spud leg holders. If needed, we also provide the transport throughout Europe.

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Europontoons has already supplied hundreds of pontoons. Our holder holes are unique in Europe. All our pontoons are tested during production for measuring and fitting, therewith we give 100% guarantee for the coupling system. Request a quote today!

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