End pontoon

End pontoons are an essential component for creating a stable and secure floating platform. As the name suggests, end pontoons are placed at the end of a pontoon system and provide additional buoyancy and stability.

The floor and soil thickness of our manufactured pontoons is 3 or 4mm. Our coupling pontoons have a heavy slatted floor, which creates an extra strong workplace. All our end pontoons are equipped with a slip-resistant surface and are equipped with our unique forklift holes.

Specifications for End Pontoons (4mm standard)

  • Weight: ca. 1.680 kg
  • Load capacity: ca. 2.650 kg
  • Dimensions: 4600 x 2100 x 750 mm
  • Coupling pins needed for long side: 7 pcs
  • Coupling pins needed for short side: 4 pcs
  • Half moon attachments needed for long side: 6 pcs
  • Half moon attachments needed for short side: 3 pcs

On orders from 9 pieces, we offer a well-priced quote. Manufacturing of the end pontoons in any desirable color is also possible!

Applications for End Pontoons