Do you need a sanitary unit or a toilet unit for multiple persons or places on your construction site? To arrange your construction site? Less emptying moments? Flexible for the location of the toilet unit on the construction site and is there no sewer attachment nearby? Then is such waste water tank, feces tank and sanitary tank extremely fit to temporary catch your disposal water.

The 10ft septic tank can hold up to 4500 liter disposal water and the 20ft tank can hold up to 8500 liter disposal water. These tanks can be used at places where there is no sewer nearby. The tank makes sure to store the dirty water and feces that are used and produced in the toilet units. The tank can be easily moved by using a forklift. The estimated amount of rinses is between the 750 and, 1450 rinses that are stored in the tanks.

The weight of the 10ft septic tank is around 650 KG or 1433 lbs, and the weight of the 20ft septictank is around 1100 KG or 2425 lbs. The thickness of the steel is at the walls and the floor 3 mm and the roof is 1.5 mm.


  • Provided with indication glass
  • Available in 10ft & 20 ft