Specifications pontoon (4 mm standard)

  • Weight (1600 kg / 3659 lb)
  • Carrying capacity (2650 kg / 5842 lb)
  • Coupling pins needed long side: 8 pc
  • Coupling pins needed short side: 4 pc
  • Half moons needed long side: 6 pc
  • Half moons needed short side: 3 pc


Winch for spud leg brackets / holder

Winch (can be connected to spudpole holder)

2 linked middle pontoons

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Lifting chain

Lifting chain

Pontoon bollard

Bollard to put on to the pontoon to connect with a rope or a chain.

Storagebox for coupling materials

Storagebox for transporting your coupling materials.

Disassembly tool half moons

Tool for disassembling the half moons that are used to connect the pontoons.

Spud legs system

Applications for spud leg systems Floating dock

Spud leg brackets / holder

Spud leg holder

Coupling pins

coupling pins are needed to connect our pontoons together


C-clamps are used to connect our pontoons together.

Our pontoons come in all shapes and sizes and can be connected to NATO pontoons . We can advise you in the use of the pontoons as well as the best composition.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what you need for the application of pontoons

We sell medium, large and bow pontoons for events and work on water (floating materials). We sell our pontoons all over the world!

Applications of our dockable NATO pontoon

Our docking pontoons can be used for many purposes together with a NATO pontoon, namely:

Pontoon Island with NATO Pontoon

We can coordinate with you the number of pontoons you need and how the pontoon island should be constructed. Europontoons is happy to provide you with a stability and strength calculation and a 3D drawing. We are also happy to advise you based on our many years of experience.

We transport the pontoons by truck and then they are launched by crane. Thanks to our unique coupling system, they can be linked together very quickly.

Quotation linkable NATO pontoons

We offer an extra competitive quote for quantities from 9 pieces. Execution in your own color is also possible!

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